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Table of  Erotic content
The Erotic Oral Sex tips  Sex Education & Instruction
Oral Sex for Beginners – Five Ways to Take Your Man There
If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by your lack of skills in the bedroom, or worse, been too shy to try, here are five tips to help you learn how to excel performing oral sex on a man. It doesn’t matter if you have never done it before, or tried and felt uncomfortable. As long as you are willing to learn, you will get better quickly. Believe me! The only prerequisites are a good attitude and a willingness to try anything.

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Trick 1 –  Never-ending Saliva
The trick to good oral sex is an everlasting supply of wet. Saliva is one of many things that increase its flow when you are aroused, so lots of saliva is part of the job. It is an unconscious message to your lover that you are enjoying yourself, and the ability to control the flow is a benefit when performing oral sex. When first starting out, you might not be very aroused at all, but more intent on what you are doing. Don’t worry – being aroused while giving head is not required by you, but is definitely required by your man!
Always have a glass of water handy, but something sweet like wine is better. Wine stimulates saliva flow, whereas water just wets your mouth. The saliva created by something sweet is slightly stickier and slimier. It feels nicer on skin. Don’t worry about stopping to take a sip; he will appreciate the added lube. The point is to never have a dry tongue or mouth, always keep it wet.
Running your tongue over already-wet-bits will also stimulate flow, so the more you dribble the more you dribble, if you know what I mean!
  Trick 2 – Start with His Testicles
Lay him on his back somewhere soft, and spread his legs slightly. Start out by licking his testicles first. The reason for this is simple – hair retains moisture. But, this can prove to be a problem at first, because it sucks it all from your mouth! But, persevere. Cover his balls with as much saliva as you can, and take your time.
He is sure to love this attention to his balls, and will be even more delighted when you do move to other areas, with your good base of wetness to aid your explorations. Lick however you want, long licks or short fluttery licks, or small sucks. Ask him which he likes the best, if he doesn’t tell you! The space between his testicles and anus (the perineum) is very sensitive, so make sure not to neglect this part.
Once his testicles are sopping wet, (and your face will probably be quite wet too!) you can start to use your hand.
  Trick 3 – Using Your Hand to Help You
It doesn’t all have to be done with your mouth, and a well placed hand can be absolute magic as well. Make sure your hand isn’t cold, and get a big gob of saliva and spit it into your hand (quietly!). This can be done easily by getting the saliva on the end of your tongue then sort of licking it onto your hand. No spitting involved!
With your nails facing his bum, slide your hand very gently down his balls and perineum. This gives your mouth a rest, but keeps him stimulated. Slide your hand around his balls, holding them gently, covering them, tickling them, slide your hand over all your saliva and spread it on your 'canvas'. When you feel like it, lick his balls again and get ready to move onto his, by now very hard, penis. Use your hand anytime you need a rest but want to keep up the momentum during any sex play

The Art Of Advanced Oral

  Trick 4 – The Teasing Lick
There are many ways to perform oral sex, but we will only deal with one technique here. This involves slowly and wetly licking in an upwards motion, with a full tongue (as much as you can without it going dry or hurting your mouth!) all the way from the testicles to the tip of the penis, bit by bit. Lick all the way around the penis, this will mean moving positions to get better angles. Get all of it. Every little inch, and go over it three times.
Lick his entire penis except the head. After you have covered all areas, use long sweeping motions, keeping the penis as wet as you can, sweeping upwards from the base of the penis to almost the head. This will tease him beyond belief, and feel delicious to him. It is this anticipation of what’s to come that will excite him as much as how good it feels.
As you lick up, start going a little bit further each time, until you are licking the head. It will be dry, because you haven’t touched it yet. There may be some pre-cum on the top. This is good for you because it provides you with much needed food for your salivary glands! Use this natural lube for spreading around the head of his cock with your tongue. Now you are ready to suck!


Shot in High Definition. Couples attend a workshop led by Justine Jolie, where she teaches anatomy, tips, and techniques for cunnilingus, then demonstrates various techniques for the crowd on her model Ariel X while workshop participants watch and ask questions. We meet Cindy Crawford and Jack Lawrence, who talk about their experiences with oral sex. Then, we see as they demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. Next, we meet Kelly Kline and Kevin, a real married couple, who talk about cunnilingus. They demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. In a bonus scene, Justine and Ariel have sex after the workshop.

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Sex Education & Instruction

  Trick 5 – The Suck and The Hand and The Lick
Now is crunch time. He will be very aroused by now, so you take full advantage of his weakness and exploit it mercilessly. Now, take your tongue off his penis and put your hand back onto his balls. Your saliva will now be cold, but don’t worry! Your hand will be warm.
Now, making sure your mouth is nice and wet, and his penis is nice and wet, hold the base of his penis in one hand to hold it steady and straight. Close your mouth over the head of his penis, and swirl your tongue around, finding all the ridges and running your tongue up and down and around the head. Create some suction, but don’t really suck at this point, just find a good level of suction where you can swirl your tongue around and still create saliva.
Then, slowly, moving your head from side to side (like a washing machine agitator) work your way down his penis, sucking gently until you go down as far as you can go. Then come back up. Then go back down. Then, using your tongue in swirling motions, suck his penis – move up and down at whatever pace you like, and whatever pace you think he will like.
Don’t be tricked by thinking guys all want it hard and fast all the time, though they certainly like this, slow and sensuous is also high on their desires list. Raising your eyes and looking at him while you do this can also be a big turn on for him, and you. Try it!
Once you have a rhythm built up, you can start to stroke his balls with your free hand. With the hand that is holding his penis, you can start to move this a little bit as well, by loosely making a fist around his penis, and moving it up and down the shaft. You can coincide this with your sucks to create a more interesting rhythm.
When your mouth gets sore, as it inevitably will, start licking his balls and penis again (unless he has exploded in your mouth already) and start back at square one. A point to remember is that any rhythm will almost always eventually trigger an orgasm in a man. Keep your rhythm steady and get faster and your job is done. And well done, you are well on your way to being a fantastic oral sexpert!
Talk to your lover, ask him what he likes and try to do it. Feel free to play around, and tell your man that you haven’t had much practice and would like to investigate. He will love the attention and might return the favour!
It might be a good idea, if it bothers you, to discuss whether he will come in your mouth, or outside. He shouldn’t mind, though he would probably prefer inside, and for you to swallow as if you have never tasted anything so delicious in your entire life! Reality is somewhat different, so don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t want his goo in your mouth first time round.
Remember, enjoy yourself!

Download this document as a pdf file - Oral Sex for Beginners


Better Sex Guide Great Oral Sex


Explore the Ultimate Kiss - the most intimate of sexual pleasure. Oral sex is one sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that for surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. Learn how pleasing your lover orally allows you to share deeper intimacy, and experience new heightened pleasures. Watch as seven real loving couples explicitly demonstrate the delicacies of oral sex designed to take your life to a whole new level. Enjoy a world of sexual possibilities that lay at the tip of your tongue! There is nothing as divine as receiving splendidly performed oral sex. This guide will provide you with the techniques, confidence and skills to rock your partner`s world and enjoy yourself in the process. All your questions will be answered, including: experimenting with hot and cold temperatures, incentives, inventive positions and locations, creative fellatio and cunnilingus techniques, toys to enhance the experience, plus informative lessons on his and her anatomy. Discover how to enhance intimacy and increase the loving pleasure in your relationship! Read More >>

Sex Education & Instruction


Dvd, extreme cunnilingus

Break the boundaries of oral sex! Sex experts tell you and show you far out techniques sure to give you new ideas guaranteed to make you an expert too. Women today are more adventurous then ever. They want their partners to go down on them in fresh new ways. Check out these new techniques your partner wants you to try out on her. Starring Keisha Dominquez and Tony Tedischi, Zarina and Charlene Aspen, Lola and Mickey G, Shawn Ricks and Sydney St. James, and many more. In this approximate 100-minute DVD watch as women go down on other women, as only they can and learn the daring act of oral sex underwater. Put more pleasure in your sex life! Read More >>

Expert Guide To advanced Fellatio

Are you ready to take oral sex to the next level? Author and sex expert Tristan Taormino shares the best tips and techniques to improve and enhance your fellatio skills. From the best positions for deepthroating to tricks of facefucking and beyond, this guide will show you how to use your mouth, tongue, and hands to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm. Then watch as three adult film stars show why they're renowned for their oral skills as they each go to work on their partners demonstrating various techniques along the way. You'll learn:advanced positions for the adventurous, how to deep throat him without gagging, different styles of blow jobs, the art of gagging and facefucking, how to add rimming to your repertoire. Whether you have mastered the basics or you're simply curious about what comes next, this movie will teach you some new tricks, inspire you to switch up your oral sex routine, and help make fellatio more than just foreplay. Read More >>

Better Oral Sex Techniques

Oral sex is the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. Learn how to give -- and receive -- these gifts of oral love. Sex experts Dr. Marty Klein and Diana Wiley will help you discover the simple techniques that can help you master cunnilingus (oral contact with the female genitals) and fellatio (oral contact with the male genitals). If you`re an experienced oral lover, you`ll find new ways to please the one you love, and you can compare notes with our pros on such hot topics as deep throat fellatio and mutual oral sex.



Art Of Cunnilingus

Going down on a woman the right way is a rare art. Listen to these women tell you what really gets them off. Watch their partners show you techniques sure to please any woman. see which positions are comfortable for you and perfectly pleasurable for your partner including G Spot stimulation during oral sex.



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