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 He lifted my nightie up and put his fingers between my cunt lips  

THE HOTEL The phone rang at about 10:30...
( Save as .pdf )
 It was so exciting to see how she pleasured herself
THE CLOCK Frank often suspected his wife...
 My nipple was growing hard, as she began to carress and knead     ( Save as .pdf )
A DAY OF FIRSTS My high school...
 Slave Shadow part 2
SLAVE SHADOW part 2 It was loud, crowded.
 Save as .pdf
Discover how the proper use of sex positions can dramatically improve your performance in bed – starting as soon as tonight! ( Save as .pdf )
I was at her feet, eyes lowered, when she...
Save as .pdf
 Seen trough the window (voyeur)
 She began artfully licking and sucking the head of his cock
THE DRIVE-IN "Oh my God." John...
 My thumb was pressed against my clit and I fucked myself with my fingers like a whore.
HOW I BECAME A SLUT My college roommate was...
 I masturbated and decided to blow off the restriction, but changed my mind when it was almost too late
 I think her vagina needs a toy to play with.  The hairiest pussy she had ever seen in her short life!!!
THE SISTER “What a crummy way to spend a nice spring day,” Linda...
 I think her vagina needs a toy to play with.
THE “BABY” “Hello, Heather,” the smartly dressed middle aged woman...

 Toy for Two
TOY FOR TWO Laura skipped a step or two after hopping off the bus...
He Caught Me Masturbating In The Office ( Save as .pdf )
I work in an office as a purchasing agent. There is a large group of us that like to get together after work for drinks, or sometimes dinner. One Friday night, the whole group was going to go to a local club right after work.
 Couples Sex Toys Tips
Here you can find Couples Sex Toys Tips: When it comes to...
 How to tell if your partner is faking her orgasms! And what to do if she is… ( Save as .pdf )
How to give any woman an orgasm…every time!
 ( Save as .pdf )
Before we get into the techniques - the science behind female sexual gratification - let’s first have a quick look at the subject of orgasms as a whole. The male climax, which combines ejaculation with an orgasm, is........

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Kama Sutra  >>

Classic lovemaking techniques reinterpreted for today's lover. more


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She Stim is a unique stimulation product. It doesn`t vibrate or rotate it stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals to generate highly stimulating sensations. The Electro Touch is the hub of the electro sex experience. It uses micro chip technology to offer 18 intensity levels and 7 stimulation modes, from gentle waves to pulsing or escalating.

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Sex Advice Resource  >>
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The Secretary >>

First came the jacket, then the blouse, and then ever so slowly the black bra that contained her perfect 36C’s!
“Jesus I love your boobs" .......Read More


How I Became a Slut  >>

My college roommate was such a bitch. She used to take messages from boys and never give them to me, leave the place a mess all the time, and make me do her laundry. more


Erotic Amateur Movies -  For More >> Click here
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Voyeur - Girl Being spied upon (Free slide show) More >>

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  Even though it was just her first time more
Ann Carroll strode forcefully towards her car that was situated at the far end of the fenced in teacher’s parking facility. She tossed her brief case onto the passenger seat and after adjusting her seat belt wheeled the big Olds towards the street. She stopped at the cross walk to allow several pedestrians pass by, and just at the last moment she recognized one of her students literally sobbing as she made her way down the side walk. “What the heck…….,”


Learn how to make a Girl Orgasm and blow the mind of any women in bed.  More >>>

 How To Find The G-Spot and Techniques more

Joanne looked helplessly in the mirror at her thick bushed crotch. Never in her wildest dreams had she figured something like this would happen to her. It started about three months ago after she started working out at the health club. Now as she looked back on it she couldn’t believe she had been so stupid! Like a lot of first timers she had literally thrown herself into her workouts. When the desired results were a little slow in coming, well she decided to take a short cut and use some oral steroids. She was still staring at her pussy when a knock on her bedroom door knocked her back to reality. "Who is it?" she asked almost sullenly. "Who do you think it is?" her best friend Amy ask while shoving her way into the room. "Hey, girl," Amy said quickly, "you’d better get a move on or we’re gone be late!" "I know, I know," Joanne replied a little dejectedly, "keep your shirt on."  


The Maid part 02 "She smiled and closed the door behind her. I started my lunch and opened the notebook" more

"Uniform: You will have 5 day uniforms in your closet. You will wear a fresh one daily, putting it in the laundry at the end of the day when you undress. Every 3 days your uniforms will be returned to you by the laundry staff cleaned and pressed. You thus have 2 spare uniforms. You are never to have a dirty, soiled or smelly uniform on in the presence of the Bremerton's. This is cause for corrective action or dismissal.


Breaking Her - A free erotic adult story more

“I don’t care,” Dan replied. “I’m in charge, now.” Dan continued thrusting, pounding away against her pussy, his balls making slapping noises against her pussy.. They were both heaving and groaning, and neither one cared if Doris walked in the door that very moment, they were so wrapped up in giving each other pleasure. Their hips moved together like they’d been fucking for years. It was a perfect fit.  >>


15 Erotic Tips to Make Your Romance Sizzle more

Is your romance with that special someone cooling off? Do you worry that the spark is going to go out? Look no further. Here are 15 hot tips to make your romance sizzle. >>


The Maid part 01 "I stood in stunned more

"But let me tell you a secret," she continued. "It will not be just Mr. Coleman you have to worry about; it will be Ms. Cramden as well. She is the next highest in power after Mr. Coleman and she is personal valet to Mrs. Bemerton. No one is more trusted than she is except for Mr. Coleman. And since you will be working as a maid in the west wing, Mrs. Bemerton's wing, you will be expected to serve her sexually as well. So Mrs. Cramden must test you too." 


The Blow Job story. She looked very nastily up at me and took my cock in her more

She looked very nastily up at me and took my cock in her mouth, just the first inch and a half or so, and started rolling her tongue around it and sucking softly. She continued the soft sucking and caressing of the head until I was about to go nuts. I reached down and pushed her head until she was taking more.


Sorority Girls Spy On Frat more

"Get jerkin'!" the brother said and the guys slowly started to grab their cocks and stroke. They were looking at each other in disbelief, but a few of them really seemed to be enjoying it. Pretty quick those cocks started to rise, with the exception of one poor guy who looked like he was going to vomit or something. He must have wanted to be in that fraternity pretty bad, because he kept trying and eventually he did get semi-hard.  


The Tabby more

"Lick me, drink me," Tabby hissed with her face pressed against the back of the chair. She was sitting with her perfect ass on the front of the hard wooden chair. Her feet and legs were still thrown over Mandy's shoulders. Mandy wanted to get at Tabby's sweet little cherry ass, but that was impossible in such a position. She hoped she could do it later, if Tabby ever spoke to her again. "I love it," Tabby gasped between harsh breaths, "suck me dry, Mandy."  


Alien - I'm normally considered a pretty sexy girl, I have long brown hair, legs that could more

You'll never believe where I am writing this diary entry from, so I won't bother telling you until I relate my story. Not that telling it will make it more believable, but it might help me retain my sanity. It started with my college job:


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